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Ridiculous Quotes!


Nothing is the absolute negation or absence of something, but because of its definition, is absolutely something.


That which I can see, touch and understand forces me to question that which I believe, feel and wonder.


 Every breath we take is a granted breath. You will have taken at least two things for granted by the time you read this.


It is not enough to achieve and conquer. In the end, all that is left is what you give to others.


Common sense is the voice that tells you right from wrong. Wisdom is listening to it.


There are two types of people in this world. People who never finish what they start.


The path to a beggarís heart is paved in loose change.


Innocence is simply Guilt without awareness


The Universe is immeasurable, but ruled by laws. Inside our heads is something just as big with no limits or laws.


Life has only taught me one thing. No matter how much I learn, I still donít know anything.

John Johnson

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